Thursday, November 24, 2011

A week that felt a week long. At least.

So, only a couple days since my last post, but I am trying to make sure I do this more often.  Anyway, after working with all 3 of the possible playwrights, I am happy to announce that I will not be upset no matter who my playwright is.  I believe that I am still quite enthusiastic about Lewis, but today Rona and I made a connection on the grounds that it would truly be a travesty if Oberon and Titania were to cease existing.  In fact, in a way that is what her play is about that we are reading.  The question asks what happened to the Indian boy taken into the fairy realm during A Midsummer Night's Dream.  In the play (titled The Indian Boy) the fairies have ceased existing and the forest is being destroyed.  Puck has left the fairy realm and become a human living about us.  The Indian boy is left in the forest but retains his "magic".  He doesn't age and doesn't advance.  Now a psychiatrist is trying to help him become "normal".  It is a bittersweet comedy that has a ton of parallels with A Midsummer Night's Dream and I have come to quite enjoy the play.  It is a contemporary play that speaks to my theatre roots if you will.

So anyway, that's nice.  I will be happy with whatever.  On the other hand... this week has seem extraordinarily long.  Classes have been productive, and fun.  With a lot of acting with the other students.  In fact it might have been the most acting we've done all term.  Yet, for some reason, all of us have fallen into a sort of malaise today.  Even the director, who is incredibly gung ho and excited, was feeling a little lackluster.  So anyway, we were all looking forward to an end of the day.  Thankfully we also have a short day tomorrow, so the weekend will start nice and fresh, and then we have MACCT Thanksgiving on Saturday, then a nice restful Sunday, and my Birthday!!! HUZZAH!!! I love my birthday.

I am so happy to be here though.  This program has been so incredibly helpful to my acting.  It has also, more importantly, enforced who I already was as an actor.  I was terrified that I would end up in a program that said if I didn't act the way they want us to then I fail.  Honestly, I'm a mite rebellious.  If I had ended up in a program that wouldn't let me be myself I probably would have fought against it tooth and nail.  But this program encourages differences and individual approaches to acting.  Also, in lieu of a discussion had last night I would also like to mention the amazing support of my cohort.  It has been a little shocking how well we all get on, and how trusting I feel towards them.  They have supported me in a way that I only figured my family and longest, closest friends would.  So I thank them again for that.  Anyway, I miss you all in the states and hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving.  Know that I miss you all.  I hope the Grawrock family Thanksgiving is amazing.  I hope the rest of the Americans in the cohort also find some sort of Thanksgiving joy today and this weekend.

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