Thursday, October 13, 2011

Plays and other things

So, I forgot to mention something huge in my last post.  Our Shakespeare show.  This year there will be two renaissance plays.  The first, Measure for Measure.  I love Measure for Measure.  My audition for the BFA at SUU was with an Angelo monologue.  I would love to play Angelo.  A really great antagonist.  The other play will be the Duchess of Malfi.  I haven't read the whole script myself, but, after reading the synopsis I'm quite intrigued.  Oh, and speaking of Measure for Measure, it really seems like a play that will give me options.  Angelo is a main antagonist with some real meat to it.  It's a complicated part and would be a great challenge.  On the other hand, Lucio and Pompey are both really fun parts that appeal to the clown in me for sure.  It's hard to say what I which part I would like more.  I am leaning towards wanting to do Measure for Measure more, but I am definitely open to the Duchess for amazing opportunities.

I also wanted to throw out a quick thanks to teachers at SUU.  For all those attending there now, I wanted to let you know, they get us where we need to be.  Especially if you work hard.  The voice training Bugg gave me has helped a ton in graduate voice work.  A lot of the voice work Bugg worked on with us for Macbeth is exactly what these guys are going for in our voice classes.  The Lecoq training that Anthony teaches is an amazing base for all the physical work I've been doing.  I mean, I just spent 2 hours on Wednesday doing neutral mask work.  I was one of the only ones to have ever used actual neutral mask.  Take advantage of the wide array of specialties the teachers can offer and you will leave there in a good position.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Week of Class.

Un. Be. Lievable.  This first week has been... intense, fun, exhausting, trying, strenuous and educational.  All in one, and I'm not even really done with the week.  I have a class in 10 minutes.  Let me see if I can fill you in to how things work.

Monday, I began at 2pm.  It was a voice class that lasted until 6pm.  4 hours of class.  Each class block as of right now has been scheduled for 4 hours at a time.  4 hours of voice, 4 hours of movement.  That is how the week has been so far.  It has been amazing.  I have made leaps in my neutral form through the voice classes.  It has opened me up and I find that my back is sore cause I have stretched my muscles so much from full breaths.  Movement class has been amazing for sure.  Mark Saunders, our head of the program, is also our movement teacher.  He trained at the Lecoq school, and is just amazing at bringing that out of me as well.  So far, beyond those kind of exercises we haven't really dug into any scripts to perform.  However, the reading has been intense as well.  An Actor's Work, The Thebans, The Cherry Orchard, One Night in Iran, 2401 Objects, The Indian Boy, Pool (No Water) is my reading assignment list.  Speaking of the Cherry Orchard.  How does 3 hour intensive looks at Stanislavski sound?  Cause those have been interesting.  Some real deep debates on the theory of acting, and all on the first night. 

It has just been amazing.  I can't believe the amount of growth possible in one week.  This coming Thursday we are having a sharing meeting where we will do monologues for each other.  I'm extremely excited to see what other people bring.  I'm going to be performing my Pillowman monologue for those interested.  In other news, with the big name change, people have been looking all over for any important alumni, sad to report there have been no sitings thus far.  Although there were some people who shared a very fun story about Prince Charles showing up out of the blue one day (not while I was here of course). 

Oh, and in closing, we have already been prepped a couple of times for our research project.  We have been told to explore possible subjects for a one on one tutorial coming soon.  I have 3 kind of subjects/ideas that I'm going to propose so far.

-Commedia del Arte. Where did it go? Where has it been present through history, and does it work now? As part of this one I'm toying with the idea of putting a commedia play together and perform it downtown in one of the squares on a weekend.

-Mormons in the theatre world.  It doesn't happen very often...

-Voice acting. I would love to do some voice acting.